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donate raise a kiwi chick

Hatch and name a kiwi chick

Thank you so much for wanting to sponsor a kiwi chick! On average it takes 78 days of incubation before the egg hatches and your new kiwi chick joins the world. Your kiwi chick then lives at the Hatchery for up to five months before going back to its home forest. 

Your donation covers all the costs for your kiwi chick

  • up to 3 months of incubation
  • food for up 5 months to get to 'stoat proof' weight
  • brooder box
  • outdoor pen
  • veterinary checks
  • medication
  • staff care

When you donate, we will assign an egg to you. You can let us know the name of your chick before it hatches! When your chick hatches, we will give you an update to let you know how the hatch went and send a photo of your newly hatched kiwi chick!

We'll send you a second update and photo as your chick gets ready to be released back into its home forest!

Donation: $2787 NZD

Businesses - if you would like to sponsor a kiwi chick, please call Shelley Burnett on 021 440 185 for details and GST invoicing. 

To see the wonderful businesses who already sponsor kiwi chicks, check out our Wall Of Fame!

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